We do finance diagnostics to understand where you are and what have you done so far in your own lifetime financial stage. Thereafter, we help you create strategic financial solutions to address your deficits in reaching your lifetime financial goals.


We are the financial compass you can trust. We bring you to your meridian, the peak of your balanced financial life. We seek to be your partners in your quest for a lifetime of financial wellness.

We are a strategic financial solutions consultancy firm that caters to the financial goal-setting needs of individual and group professional and business clients (sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations).

We are a team of finance professionals with specialized competencies to address your needs in:

  • personal and business financial goal-setting
  • portfolio management and asset allocation
  • personal and business financial risk management
  • retirement, education and target needs programming
  • ​business financial succession planning and funding
  • legal estate conservation, preservation and taxation planning

we are the financial doctors

We are affiliated with the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC) with head offices based in Middletown, Ohio, USA, with the mission of helping YOU as an employee, self-employed professional or business owner, become better at creating, saving, wisely spending, investing and protecting your hard-earned wealth so YOU will attain a sustainable level of financial security and peace of mind.